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Kingston Wellbeing Services provides help for people experiencing issues with their drug and/or alcohol use. The service is available to local residents aged 18 and over. We provide community treatment for dependence on alcohol and a range of drugs (heroin, cocaine, stimulants, cannabis, benzodiazepines, “club drugs” etc). Our services are renowned for being high quality, run by highly skilled professionals and for achieving excellent outcomes. Our treatments are evidence-based and follow the latest national guidelines. We are registered with the Care Quality Commission. Our staff teams are highly skilled and we have nationally recognised experts and a programme in psychological ”talking therapies”. If you or someone you know has problems with drink or drug use, then we can help. Kingston Wellbeing Services offers:

  • An individual and personal treatment programme to help recovery from drugs and/or alcohol problems including detox
  • Referral to inpatient detox and residential rehabilitation for drink and drug problems
  • Referral to specialist medical treatment
  • Planning for self-management after treatment
  • Practical advice for self management and information on what’s available in Kingston to support you
  • Experienced and qualified people to talk to
  • Support with employment, education, housing, life skills and health
  • Social activities and a support network of people with lived experience

Kingston Wellbeing Service is delivered by a partnership of leading NHS and voluntary sector providers of addiction and substance misuse treatments and psychological “talking therapy” services.


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