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How we can help – talking therapies

The Kingston Wellbeing Service offers a range of group and individual talking therapies and courses to Kingston residents aged 18 and over. We treat a range of psychological difficulties including depression, anxiety, stress and phobias through the national programme for Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT). This is a stepped care service, which means that we may initially offer low intensity help such as advice and consultation, or guided self help. If a person’s difficulties are more severe, they can be stepped up to high intensity therapy such as a course of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), if necessary.

We offer two introductory group sessions to people thinking about using the service who want to find out more about what talking therapies can do for them. The introductory sessions explain what talking therapies are and what to expect from treatment, what it’s like to attend a talking therapies group session, an introduction to guided self help and the materials we have available to support this.

Many conditions relating to anxiety and depression can be influenced by the individual’s drug and/or alcohol use. In many cases regular drug and/or alcohol use can cause anxiety and depression, or people may drink or take drugs in an attempt to control their feelings and stop feeling anxious or depressed.

For individuals who have problems with drugs and/or alcohol, in addition to psychological difficulties, we provide a unique joint treatment service to help reduce or stop drug and/or alcohol use and provide support to improve psychological wellbeing. This may include prescribing treatments as well as psychological group programmes.


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